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Imagine getting high-quality, precise feedback on your screenplays and TV pilots in just 3 minutes! At, we’re redefining the feedback process to make it the most exciting part of your writing journey.


Why You'll Love!

  • Instant Feedback: Say goodbye to waiting for a week or month before your script is read. Get comprehensive feedback in about 3 minutes!
  • High-Quality Insights: We focus on Key Indicators that elevate your script, offering clear, actionable steps for quick improvements.
  • Encouraging & Constructive: Our feedback is designed to uplift, not tear down. We focus on what you do well and how to enhance it further.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether it’s your entire script or a specific scene or character, we’ve got you covered.
  • Cost-Effective: Experience the expertise of a script consultant at a fraction of the cost.


Your Goals, Our Mission!

Whether you're aiming to refine your writing skills, win contests, or present polished scripts to industry professionals, is here to make it happen – swiftly and effectively!


What Does our Screenplay Feedback Do For Your Feature or TV Pilot

Designed by an Industry Expert, our feedback will give you exactly what you need to improve your script now.

Again, in about 3 minutes, you have a COMPLETE PLAN for moving this script to the next level.

  • Ways to improve the quality of your concept and main conflict.
  • Provide a Character Profile for your lead characters – showing exactly what works for them and what is missing.
  • Lay out the exact Structure in detail.&
  • Discuss the quality of scenes, dialogue, and description
  • Answer “What percentage of your dialogue is unique to the character versus being generic?”
  • Point to specific description that can be improved.
  • Present a list of “Recommended Improvements” you can apply instantly to improve the quality of your screenplay!


How Does It Work? – Simple!

  1. Sign Up: Quick and easy.
  2. Choose Your Feedback Level: Tailor it to your script’s needs.
  3. Upload & Transform: Get your feedback and start improving right away!


Feedback/Rewrite/Repeat – The Path To Mastery

Our unique approach enables rapid improvement. Get feedback, tweak your script, and repeat. Each cycle not only enhances your script but also hones your writing skills, guiding you towards excellence.


Aim for Greatness with Every Script!

  • Entering Contests? Use our instant feedback to refine your script, making it stand out in competitions.
  • Pitching Agents, Managers, or Producers? Before you send them your script, make sure it is the best it can be. Our process helps safeguard your reputation as a professional.
  • Want to be a Great Writer? Improve your writing and elevate who you are as a writer with every round of feedback you get!
  • Gain more Confidence: Our process is designed to be supportive and uplifting, enhancing your confidence with each iteration.


The Promise

Up until this point, getting valuable feedback was either costly or problematic. Not any more! From this point on, feedback will be the easiest part of your writing journey.  Join us and be part of a revolution that’s reshaping the world of screenwriting.


Ready to Elevate Your Script?

In the time it has taken for you to read this, you could’ve already received expert feedback that will make your script stand out. Don’t wait – join and elevate every script you write!  

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Single Script Feedback

1 Full Script & 2 Script Components

$14.95 /one time

  • Full Script Feedback - 1 feedbacks
  • Script Component Feedback - 2 feedbacks
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* Bronze

3 Full Script Feedbacks, BONUS: 5 Script Components

$29.95 /month

  • Full Script Feedback - 3 feedbacks
  • Script Component Feedback - 5 feedbacks
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* Silver

6 Full Script Feedbacks, 10 Script Components

$49.95 /month

  • Full Script Feedback - 6 feedbacks
  • Script Component Feedback - 10 feedbacks
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